you know it (feat. prospec)

Written By: Philip “Jamel Thomas” Romain & Kyle Alison 



Verse 1 (Jamel Thomas)

You see they, always swearing up and down that their real/

Meet the type of fellas that would rather show ya skill/

Done some good and done some bad to get this dollar bill/

That’s why I can’t always judge the stripper in the heel/

As time goes on people change people build/

The mind grows strong evil ways get revealed/

The line’s so long, at the gates of hell but still/

I gotta run this little punk boi through the drill//



You know we hit corners yea you know we flipped the stash/

You know we tapped shorties yea you know we skipped some class/

You know we been in scraps got in trouble back in school/

You know what the deal is this ain’t nothing new/

You know we know the culture yea you know we know the game/

You know we well aquatinted with the blunts and Mary Jane/

You know we on the scene play the clubs and keep it true/

You know what the deal is you know how we do//


Verse 2 (ProspeC)

Start a party from the dungeon, how that make sense?/

Fitting 40-50 people in that basement/

Got em packed to the walls, till the door breaks/

Panties dropped on the floor in the hallways got our friend's thinking/

That we pimpin, always something different, yet sticking to convictions/

Way we slaying theses victims, means getting that pussy on attention/

Salute, we ran that route, we live that truth, boi!

It's no joke, had fun but so broke/

In the winters with no heating, inside wearing a coat/

To chilling, with fine women, aside from fine dining/

Living this life to find that silver lining/

(How we do!) Living proof, theres a god in the sky/

Different situations we facing, 1000 ways we could die/

Not a lie, many trials, we survived, all the while/

Got this devil on our shoulders, telling us suicide/

Can't oblige, plan for the future, I can see in my mind stay

Classic with our actions, like we do everytime//

..That’s (How we do!)


(Repeat Chorus)


Verse 3 (Jamel Thomas)

Now easy money bought the watch, rings, chains and jewels/

So easy they were lost that’s the nature of the rules/ 

The only thing left was the cross the pendant’s proof/

At least to me somebody’s always watching how I move/

So I ain’t gotta talk, like a tough guy I’m cool/

I already been through all the evil they do/

From the, night to light, skies went from dark to blue/

But respect you should chose, self defence we love to use// 



(Repeat Chorus)