vicious cycle

Written By: Philip “Jamel Thomas” Romain

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Ohhh, woe is….me

Why you wanna treat me so bad?

How could you do this to me? x2



Verse 1

Love, an emotion collecting dust on my shelf/

Girls in the world, helpless who tried to figure me out/

Relationship? Don’t you try it, happier on my own/

If you start with the drama, watch how fast I’ll be gone/

Like a ghost, like a cyborg, all you can’s turn me on/ 

Baby I, cease to feel pain, all I’m feeling is lust/

The broken heart that she gave me I gave you now pay it forward/

Don’t forget to pass it on, ohhh what a vicious cycle she started/




Hey did you have to let go?/

And so cold? ohhh/

She said, why you wanna treat me so bad?..that’s why/

How could you do this to me?..I just don’t care if you’re gone/

She said, why you wanna treat me so bad?’s why/

How could you do this to me?..look how you make me treat em//


(Lyrics Overlapping in 1st half of chorus)

Wall solid, somebody built us/

And so we’re frigid, no stalling, so fast to give up/

And baby this is, our problem, no falling in love//


Verse 2

I wished you well but really, I wished you hell/

I just didn’t tell ya, hope to hear you became a failure/

From 1 to 10 I couldn’t scale ya/

How many times did I feel ya? How many times did I nail ya?/

About 69 months, 1000 blunts, what a sour one/

Watch the style I run, on this gal I’m getting shallow on/

You’s a coward hun, after 5 years together/ 

All you gonna do is dial and run? Oh well/

Guess I wasn’t worth the respect/

Looking back, the only thing you worth was the sex/

Don’t forget you gave ya worst, I gave my best/

Don’t forget I was ya first, not ya ex/

Nevermore, yeah I’m still kind of pissed off/

And I take it out on any girl who tries to get my all/

Nevermore, I don’t allow myself to get involved/

For now I’m just a part of the cycle pass it on/



And ring around the rosy with me baby/

well I feel sorry for the guy who get’s you when we’re through/

hahaha….so fast to give up

And baby this is, our problem, no falling in love


(Repeat Chorus)

Female vocal: “NDR"


(Instrumental Outro)