attack of the red eyes

Written By: Philip “Jamel Thomas” Romain

Voice Actors: Sophia Rodrigues & Kevin Dietz 



Light up, light up

Rrrrr roll it up

Rrrrr roll it


Verse 1

Rrrr roll it up dip in the stash, think fast/

When the beast is on the hunt like a lion in grass/

About to jump, punk, at least it ain’t crack/

So why don’t ya put that in ya pipe and smoke it? no pun attached/

The attack of the red eyes tell me when’s the last/

Time you heard about a high driver crash?/ 

Mothers ain’t against that mothers ain’t “madd"/

Why don’t you think about that? with ya negative ass/ 

Fights don’t break out, brothers just glad/

Might order take out, munchies in the bag/ 

Hungry? that’s math, boosts the economy/

Supports the local corner store convenience on the ave/ 

Old lady’s got arthritis in her hand and bad/

The pain goes away with a light green bag/ 

An old man smokes grass for his cataracts/

Medicinal benefits the list just drags/ 

Baby close your eyes, inhale deep/

Open up your mind, stress release/

They told you many lies, the rest is greed/

Health industries don’t want to contest disease/ 

We’ll be floating in the skies till we rest in peace/

On behalf of the people we speak/

National Defense, Canada’s free/

Maple’s shaped like the cannabis leaf//



(Parts overlapping)

Sesh no quesh x8 

Light it, light it, light it

Session no question! x2


Bridge (Female Reporter)

Hi Bob, we’re downtown and ahh, there’s a very large group of high people around/

Police have locked off and bordered off the area...and ahh/

Oh my God, there’s one approaching the camera right now!//


Verse 2

Mary Jane was my first love hope that you can feel me/

Molly tried to steal me, Anna tried to kill me/ 

But them girls liars like Jean, Billy/

Till the day I retire she’ll be, with me/

Just like with a woman I’ll be planning out the day/

But when I lay with her then my plans all change/

Phone blowing up off the handle it rings/ 

My boys be calling me but now I don’t wanna hang/

I don’t wanna go out, I’m zoning and/

I just wanna be alone with my sticky queen/

Sick of these people speaking bout her like a freak/

Quick to get disease with the liquor or the nicotine/

15 years smoking and I've never seen doubles/

Only thing she ever did was keep me out of trouble/

Only thing she ever did was teach me how to love you/

Broke me out the box got me thinking out the bubble/

Every single time you see and hear us in the street/

We always keep the peace not the anarchy/

Nothing but positive En-er-gy/

With the drama these kind of kids cannot be/

More showing our support than demanding our needs/

If it ain’t God’s law we give a damn hardly/ 

In the rainforest jumping off the canopies/

A bunch of red eyes with their hands on trees yelling//


(Repeat Chorus) 



March leader: "They can’t stop us!"

(Police sirens, car door closes)

Policeman 1: "Ok folks, time to break it up, time to get out of here"

Policeman 2: "Tom look out! Behind you! Nooooo!"

Red Eye Monster 1: "ewha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ha ahhhh!"

Red Eye Monster 2: "He’s one of us now"

Red Eye Monster 3: "Yes….one of us”

(Laughs, coughs and lighter sounds throughout)


Light up, light up/

From our city to yours light up, light up/

Vancouver to Montreal light up, light up/

Halifax to New York to L.A/ 

Every state, every city, whole world/


Light up, light up//